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Are you in need of high-quality windscreen replacement or repair services in Southend-On-Sea? If so, then you’ll be glad to know that you’re in the ideal place! Here at Mobile Windscreen Repair & Replacement, our team is willing to offer you the highest standards of customer service that you will certainly appreciate. With 50 years’ worth of experience in the field of windscreen repairs & replacement, you can expect nothing less than perfection while getting your windscreen repaired or replaced by us.

Are you concerned about the material that we use in the repair and replacement process? Well, rest assured because we only make use of glass and materials that either meet or exceed Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). We utilize the top-quality material in the market solely to ensure your complete satisfaction with our services. Furthermore, we offer a wide range of services, including windscreen chip repair, rear windows repair, door glass repair, front and rear vents repair, and more!

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Types of Windscreen Damage

We offer windscreen replacement & repair services for all types of damage that can be caused to your windscreen. Before getting your windscreen repaired or replaced, we recommend you identify the type of damage that your windscreen is experiencing. Since there are only two main types of windscreen damages; therefore, it should be really simple for you to identify them.


A chip is the most common type of windscreen damage caused by minor collisions, such as a rock bouncing off your windscreen. The impact of the collision breaks away a small portion of the glass layer of your windscreen. In most cases, chips can be easily repaired by fixing the glass layer of the windscreen; however, under more rare conditions, if the chip is deep enough that it penetrates the plastic layer of the windscreen, a replacement might be your best option. Chips might often be tiny, but if not repaired soon, they can certainly cause serious cracks to grow from them.


Unlike a chip, a crack is a line in your windscreen that causes a certain piece of glass to fully separate from the rest of the glass layer. Cracks often start small and should be repaired as soon as possible; otherwise, they can grow into many distinct ones that might be more difficult to repair.

If a crack in your windscreen is exposed to the sun for large periods, it causes the glass to expand and contract, causing the crack to spread gradually. Moreover, small dust particles can also get into the cracks and lead to further complications. In our professional opinion, windscreen cracks are not something to neglect and should be repaired or replaced as soon as possible.

How Can I Repair My Damaged Windscreen?

Having a stone chipped or cracked windscreen is a serious driving hazard! Such sort of windscreen damage leads to loss of vision through the windscreen. Furthermore, the damage can gradually worsen over time and lead to further complications. Hence, if you’re experiencing such windscreen damage, then we suggest you get it fixed as soon as possible.

So how can you acquire our windscreen repair & replace services? Simply give us a call at 07858 502 171 and schedule an inspection by our highly skilled and capable windscreen repair team. We offer a highly cost-effective solution and efficient solution by sending our experts to your address without you having to bring your vehicle to us. Our skilled vehicle glass technicians can be ordered for addresses in a 1-hour drive of Chelmsford.

For your convenience, our team is willing to travel further afield North London, Kent, and Essex for additional mileage charges. Our team is glad to go the extra mile to ensure that our reliable and trustworthy windscreens replace and repair services reach you in the comfort of your home.

Mobile Windscreen Repair and Replacement At Your Home

Mobile Windscreen Repair and Replacement

We are a fully mobile windscreen repair and replace that come to your location.

We also do Stone Chip Repairs, Door Glasses, Rear Windows, Front and Rear Quarter glasses and Front and Rear Vents.

If you have any questions or queries please do not hesitate in contacting us as we are available 7 days a week!

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Mobile Windscreen Repair and Replacement - We Come To You

Why Should You Choose Us?

We offer a number of useful perks and benefits that you might not be availed of otherwise. Instead of having to drive your car long distances to workshops, we offer our windscreen repair services in the comfort of your home. All you have to do is give us a call at 07858 502 171 and let us take care of the rest.

All our technicians at Southend-On-Sea Windscreen Repair & Replace are highly skilled and fully trained to provide you the highest quality of services that you deserve. Not only that! Our technicians are also very friendly to ensure your comfort while working with them.

We are open 7 days a week! So what are you waiting for? Book our windscreen repair and replace services by calling at 07858 502 171 and get ready to be amazed by the impressive quality of the services that we provide.

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